From Exhaustion To Empowerment

A Personalized Plan to Address Hidden Stressors for Women


Don’t Settle For Feeling Tired & Overwhelmed

As a wife and mother of two boys, I intimately understand the challenges. My personal health journey took a critical turn after a postpartum hemorrhage with my first son, a moment that nearly cost me my life. Faced with fatigue, thyroid issues, headaches, weight struggles, mold illness, and so much more, I started looking for answers after traditional approaches left me with no direction.

I recognize the disheartening reality of waking up each day burdened by responsibilities, especially when traditional lab results appear normal, and concerns are dismissed. In my own journey, the pursuit of answers led me to functional medicine, where I discovered the power of a personalized approach. The transformative impact of these discoveries has empowered me to show up for my family with the vitality I've always craved. Now, my mission is to empower women like you with the knowledge and tools to break free from the cycle, guiding you towards not just enduring each day but truly enjoying it.

My Approach

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Mindful Stress Management

Navigate daily challenges with resilience, reducing the mental and emotional burden often associated with adrenal fatigue and feelings of burnout

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Reduced Frustration and Overwhelm

I will address all aspects of your health, leaving you with a sense of relief and confidence.

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Guided Support for Lasting Transformation

My supportive guidance recognizes both the challenges and successes, alleviating the isolation often experienced in health transformations.

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Functional Lab Tests for Precision

I utilize functional lab tests and in-depth questionnaires to gather comprehensive insights into your health.

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Holistic and Functional Nutrition Fusion

Benefit from a unique blend of holistic and precision nutrition, coupled with transformational coaching.

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Streamlined Path to Recovery

My tailored nutrition plans and comprehensive hormone balance assessments streamline your path to recovery.


"...Finally exhausted from the symptoms, I decided to reach out to Christina. Christina immediately stepped into action and ran a series of tests to determine the cause of these symptoms. One of the tests included a food sensitivity test. Turns out the “healthy” food I was eating, were food I am sensitive to which was contributing to my symptoms. Another test Christina ordered for me was a GI-MAP. Through this test we found out that I had a stomach infection that cleared out the good bacteria in my stomach and replaced it with bad bacteria..."

Alexis B.

"The MRT diet was extremely helpful! Before this test I was eating foods and trying diets that were marketed as “healthy” but I still had fatigue, low energy, and alternating constipation/diarrhea that I could not figure out despite going to the doctor. After performing the test, I learned that many of these “healthy” foods, that I thought were better alternatives, I actually had high reactions to! Through MRT and Christina’s guidance I was able to learn what foods would actually help me start feeling better. After a few months on my new diet, I have had amazing results..."

Kendall E.

"...She knew my struggles with GI upset and knew she could help me. After years of frustration, I followed Christina’s diagnostics, plans, and protocols and was shocked to find the root cause of my problem and how quickly it could be fixed with her solutions of food and supplements. It was not the typical dairy or gluten that was the problem, it was foods I thought were healthy and “good” for me, such as strawberries and coconut. After 3 months of her protocol based on custom plans, I can honestly say I feel better than I ever had..."

Kaitlynn A.

Christina has changed my life!! And I do not say that lightly.

During the series of weeks we worked together, she took her time with me. She answered all of my many questions. And she made sure I understood the root causes of my ailments. She checked up on me outside of our appointments, and showed that she really cared. This is so hard to find in the health care industry, as most times we just feel like another patient or number..."

Brooke F.

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